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We provide technological, project, and consulting services, expertly tailoring solutions that help digitize business processes via distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. Our team counts some of the most experienced professionals in IT development. Our wealth of experience and unsurpassed expertise allow us to bring together cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of industries.

01. Blockchain & DLT: Consulting and Development

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A blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks, each of which is linked to the previous block and stores information about the entire chain, starting from the very first block. This makes the data extremely hard to forge and the entire system absolutely transparent and secure. Blockchain technology is used for recording transactions, where a transaction can be understood as any action: a transfer between accounts, audit of authentication and authorization events, or records of the company's past actions.

Our experts meticulously analyze your business processes and offer tailored blockchain solutions allowing you to get extra benefits due to asset digitization, and to boost efficiency of data exchange and security of transactions.

Comprehensive analysis of business processes and IT systems from the angle of feasibility of incorporating blockchain and DLT

Proposals for using blockchain and DLT

Testing the technology

Development of a technology implementation strategy

Project implementation

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02. ICO: Technical Consulting
Case studies

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An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a relatively novel but rapidly maturing fundraising mechanism in which a commercial company or private party sells digital assets or tokens. Investors hope that these assets will perform well in the future, providing them with a return on their investment. It is very common to run an ICO at the project’s initial stage, with the raised funds being allocated for concept development or promotion. The total value of the ICO market was $6.6 billion in 2017 and reached $9.1 billion by June 2018 (according to Autonomous Next).

Technical consulting:

  • Writing and audit of smart contracts
  • Creation of a landing page and user dashboard
  • Ensuring information security

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03. Education & Social Projects

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We help you develop a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and new technology ecosystems.

Blockchain & DLT: General background

Smart contracts: General background

Cryptocurrencies & ICO: General background

Individual courses on incorporating blockchain technology in the customer’s company

We also assist in developing blockchain-based social projects.

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We create a new digital environment for institutions and entire industries. We devise tokenomics of individual projects and create infrastructure and product solutions in the global technology market.

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